Technological Advantage

Background Introduction

The Supercomputer Center uses a cloud architecture driven by technology and flexibility, which has a powerful computing capability of more than 50TPflops. The SGE HPC data centers established in Fuzhou and Beijing have more than 200 computing nodes, a total CPU of more than 8,000 cores, and a total memory of 25TB, leading China and even the world in technology.

Up to now, the total capacity of the center's multiple storage structures, mainly centralized storage, has exceeded 6PB, and the cloud storage has exceeded 1PB. These mass data have become a solid foundation for Berryoncology to start businesses such as big data and artificial intelligence.

Relying on the above-mentioned massive storage space, high-performance computing resources and other genetic data analysis and processing hardware resources, we will fully optimize, integrate and configure genetic big data software and hardware, intensify the development of public cloud platforms, and facilitate the establishment of accurate and efficient data distribution platforms including database resources (baseline population database, tumor database, EMR, and EHR), hardware resources (mass storage, and high performance computing), software resources (AI system, and data tracking), fully integrate and exploit the advantages of public cloud, database, software and hardware resources, and actively promote the construction of Berryoncology’s tumor big data platform.

Advantage of supercomputing center

Flexible customization

Five floors with 28 customizable computer rooms and modular cabinet construction, which can provide 4583 high-capacity cabinets that can accommodate nearly 100,000 servers

Multi-line computer room.

The approved Internet backbone directly connects to the cloud, and operators such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, education, China Broadcasting Network, Great Wall Broadcasting Network, etc., have multi-line access.

Guaranteed reliability

Dual-line utility power, dual redundant UPS, and diesel generator set running for 36 hours at full load, creating an uninterrupted and high-reliability power guarantee. At the same time, the electricity price is favorable, the operating cost is low, and the green and intelligent.

Operation and maintenance major.

Full-time maintenance to achieve 7-24 hours on duty, property management entrusted to the G20 service team to achieve high-quality service guarantee

Project qualification.

  • Enliven Trademark Registration Certificate
  • Verita Trekker ®mutation site Detection system (1)
  • Verita Trekker ®mutation site Detection system (2)
  • Verita Trekker ®mutation site Detection system (3)