Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Berry Oncology, founded in 2017 as a member company of Berry Genomics, focuses on genomic testing of cancers. Driven by the mission of “Diagnose all cancers early, treat all patients precisely”, we have established for precision treatment of patients with local or metastatic cancers a complete system of genomic testing products and services, including companion diagnostics, response monitoring and prognosis prediction of both targeted and immune therapies. For cancer early detection, we have launched a series of clinical research projects for early screening and early diagnosis, covering liver cancer, lung cancer, gynecologic cancer, and etc. Berry Oncology has three centers (manufacture, supercomputing, R&D) located in Fuzhou and Beijing. We serve and cooperate with more than 400 Class 3A tertiary hospitals across the country, and have provided genomic testing services for hundreds of thousands of patients.

Company Culture

● Mission

Diagnose all cancers early, Treat all patients precisely


● Vision

Become a landmark enterprise in the field of early tumor screening and early diagnosis in the world, and a leader in China's tumor gene testing market.